Concrete Batching Plants

 About the Manufacture of Concrete Plants

 EGICS manufactures Concrete Plants with high quality and efficiency Where Egics has manufactured more than 50 concrete batching plants in only last two years of different types and sizes in record times and high quality and received the appreciation of all our customers. EGICS enjoys a wonderful team of engineers, technicians, and specialists who have manufactured the plants and provided all the necessary maintenance and technical services around the clock. EGICS interests in Research & Development and Engineering Works by manufacturing Prefabricated Concrete Plants to reach the highest quality standards for customer satisfaction. EIGICS has extensive experience in the field of Concrete Plants, where we have been able to manufacture a complete plant with a mixer CM in only 12 days and with high efficiency. EGICS manufactures all types of plants in different sizes and operates under extreme climatic conditions.

EGICS Mobile Plants EGICS is the First Egyptian Company to manufacture a Mobile Concrete Batching Plant in Egypt and the Middle East. Due to the requirements of the Egyptian Market, EGICS has manufactured Mobile Concrete Plants with different production capacities with an Italian CM Mixer. All the parts of the plant are designed on a single chassis, including a hinged axle and wheels, which can be towed easily by Trolley. EGICS Mobile Plants are distinguished by ease and quickness in installation and dismantling.