Delta’s Advanced Multifunction Meter DPM-C530A offers precise measurement of various electrical energy values and power quality parameters, including power factor, harmonics, and current / voltage unbalance, and it also provides off-limit alarms and history log functions.

  • Supports alert set-ups, auto meter set-ups, and hourly electricity calculation
  • Multi-rate meter, record saving, and default max. / min. value set-ups
  • Eco-mode meter and parameter group set-ups
  • Adopts MODBUS and BACnet MS/TP protocols, applicable to the SCADA and energy management systems, as well as factory and building automation systems, suitable for sectors where power quality is critical


High-precision Power Quality and Electricity Parameter Measurement
High-precision Class 0.5S bidirectional energy and electricity parameter measurement, complies with IEC 62053 and CNS 14607 criteria
Supports power quality measurement of total / individual harmonic distortion and current / voltage unbalance
Large LCD Screen
Dot matrix LCD display with 198 x 160 dots, supports clear reading and display of English (capital and lowercase letters), Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and other languages