Electronics Maintenance

About us

Our maintenance department provides maintenance service for all electronic devices used in factories. We also have all original spare parts for all brands. We also have a group of maintenance engineers trained in maintaining all brands and with a high level of experience that qualifies them to solve problems in the least possible time and also we have an installation service after the maintenance process and the department provides a guarantee on the maintenance of devices to provide confidence to the customer and we are also the only maintenance department in the Middle East for the Delta brand And GE Fanuc .

What we do !

The purpose of maintenance is to ensure the maximum efficiency for drives  and availability of original spare parts ,  at optimal cost and under satisfactory conditions of quality, cost

Maintenance was long considered as a subordinate function, entailing an inevitable waste of money. However, we today are realizing that maintenance is not merely a ‘partner’ in the industrial field: it is an indispensable requirement. Its relation with equipment performance is a question of integrated strategy at the senior management level. As such, the maintenance function becomes one of the major management responsibilities.

Therefore, we do maintenance for all brands used in factories such as INVERTER  – SERVO SYTEM - HMI-PLC – ELECTRONIC CARDS and we have trained all engineers on maintaining different brands to provide an integrated service to our customers as we do on-site maintenance if needed


  • Reducing maintenance time and handing over devices with the same efficiency as new devices .
  •   provide all original spare  parts for all  brands .
  • Maintenance is at the lowest possible cost using original spare parts .