Smart Sensor

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  • Area Sensor

    Delta’s Area Sensors provide no-dead-zone detection within a working area. Structured with IP67 in a compact size, Delta’s Area Sensors are easy to assemble, and ensure the safety of operators reliably and cost-effectively.

  • Inductive Proximity Sensor

    The inductive sensors follow the standard M12 and M18 industry design, and offer a wider detection range with the same dimensions to provide easier and faster installation.
    Detection range: 2 ~ 12mm

  • Laser Displacement

    Delta’s Laser Displacement precisely measures the changes in distance of target objects, with a measuring range from 30mm to 210 mm. To meet the demand of measurement accuracy, we provide three types of models that can be used in controlling, sorting, and inspection tasks in quality control, workflows and processes. Applications can be used on dimension, thickness, position, and shape measurements.

  • Photoelectric Sensor

    Delta offers several types of photoelectric sensor products, including flat type, cylindrical type, lateral type and rectangular type, to meet a variety of customer demands. The rectangular type is adaptable to a variety of industrial environments, while our new rectangular type (TEACH) provides a brand new exterior and a user-friendly TEACH button design as another sensor choice. Flat type photoelectric sensors are easily installed on any equipment without space limitations. The cylindrical type with M18 nickel coated brass allows customers to mount it on their machine easily, and the TEACH button design provides user-friendly control. The lateral type has a slim design and is easy to assemble, and provides customers with more sensor alternatives.